The Goose Girl - A Fantastic New Pantomime For All The Family!



Forget all those traditional hackneyed panto stories. This year TFT brings you a brand new pantomime based on the wonderful Grimm's story of

The Goose Girl

Take a talking horse, a false bride and a princess with Golden hair , a madcap dame and a fairytale prince and you have all the ingredients for a fantastic fun filled evening for all the family

As Queen Goldie sends Princess Talianna to the Kingdom of Shazaam with her trusted steed, Falada; The evil sorceress Abigail has other plans for the princess' happy ever after. When she casts an identity spell upon Princess Talianna, Prince Conrad is fooled into thinking Princess Talianna is just a Goose girl!

Will Prince Conrad get to marry his Princess?

Can our talking panto horse, Falada save the day and speak the truth?

Will Queen Goldie even realise its not her daughter marrying the prince? A wonderful treat for all the family to enjoy at Christmas.


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Thursday 16/12 2021 7:30pm
Titchfield Festival Theatre 73 St Margarets Lane FAREHAM
The Goose Girl - A Fantastic New Pantomime For All The Family!