The Gods The Gods The Gods


The gods the gods the gods is the third show in the internally acclaimed series of myths from the two ‘masters of storytelling’ (fourth wall) wright&grainger. Following their multi-award winning tellings of orpheus and eurydice, wright&grainger call us to the crossroads where mythology meets real life.

Performed as a 12 track album, the gods the gods the gods is an exhilarating weave of big beats, heavy basslines, soaring melodies and heart-stopping spoken word. The 65 minute show weaves together 4 stories: two kids meet out dancing, they’re set to fall hard; a woman is on a beach, alone at night, looking at the stars; a bloke is on a bridge, thinking about jumping, just before dark. It’s a show about what we continually look for outside of ourselves, and what we might find in those people who surround us.


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07/07 2023 7:30pm
Tornaveen Hall Tornaveen Torphins BANCHORY
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