The Girl Next Door


"The Girl Next Door," by acclaimed playwright Alan Ayckbourn, is a heartwarming and witty exploration of love, memory, and unexpected connections. Set in two adjacent homes separated by several decades, the play follows contemporary actors Rob and Alex as they rehearse for an upcoming production, only to be drawn into the lives of their wartime predecessors, Stella and her husband. With the boundary between past and present blurring, humorous and poignant revelations unfold, offering a nostalgic yet fresh commentary on the bonds that connect us across time.

Ayckbourn's signature sharp dialogue and clever plot twists ensure this captivating and thought-provoking play will leave you laughing, crying, and contemplating the serendipity of life's encounters. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this enchanting narrative that masterfully weaves comedy and drama.


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16/09 2024 7:30pm
The Playhouse The Playhouse 50 Storforth Lane
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