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"The Drama Game" concerns one Ringmaster and four Acolytes. The Ringmaster is an ageing thespian, reviewing his career. In so doing, he struts and frets his hour upon the stage, although this particular strutting and fretting takes place over 50 minutes. To ably assist our Ringmaster in his task of recalling the past, the four sycophantic Acolytes are on hand to support his every whim and caprice. Thus five, somewhat eccentric, personages lead you through a variety of entertainments, experiments, improvisations, ghostly encounters and one horrendous catastrophe, to prove, beyond doubt, that Drama is, indeed, a game.

"Edgar and Annabelle" In the possibly not-too-distant future, government opposition has to stay under the radar. They can't even speak openly. There's too much at stake. Aware of their home being bugged, Edgar and Annabel have to make everything sound normal. Even as things go wrong. Even as their fellow activists are picked off one by one. Even when the chicken is actually fish. Even if he's not really Edgar and she's not really Annabel. All they have to do is stick to the script. And assemble a bomb whilst singing karaoke. Written by Sam Holcroft and Directed by Phil Holden


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