The Davinci Michelangelo Experience


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19/09 2024 kl 19:30
Òran Mór 731--735 Great Western Road GLASGOW
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Revel in an unforgettable journey through the Renaissance and rediscover the most exceptional artistic period in history.

Join Mark Rodgers, Director of The DaVinci Machines & Michelangelo Exhibitions on a unique journey through the glory of the Italian Renaissance with Davinci and Michelangelo as your guides! Featuring videos, 3-D animation, film clips and images of Michelangelo and DaVinci's many sketches, inventions, machines, sculptures, codices and paintings.

Mark’s energy and passion are infectious, and you will quickly find yourself immersed in the inspirational world of The Italian Renaissance. The performance showcases these two legendary geniuses at their very best and looks at their work through a contemporary lens.Some of the most famous artwork which is explored during the show includes the Sistine Chapel, the Mona Lisa, the Statue of David and DaVinci’s magnificent machines among countless others.

The performance showcases these two legendary geniuses at their very best, looking at their work through a contemporary lens, and relating them to the present-day geniuses of Jacques Couteau, Les Paul, Van Cliburn, and Paul McCartney.

DaVinci & Michelangelo inspires and entertains. Don’t miss it!

Running Time 2 Hours with 15-minute intermission.