Described by Folk Radio UK as weaving an especially compelling magic, and 'showing British acoustic music in its best possible light, the music of Northumbrian duo The Brothers Gillespie is animated by lyrical songwriting, fine fingerstyle guitar playing, multi-instrumental musicianship and the glorious tones of their blood harmony (Sam Lee). Anyone who has seen the brothers live will surely attest that it is an experience that will stay with you. There is a feeling of warmth that exudes from them and affects everyone in the room Nygel Packett, Folk London

'The Rabbitts' indie folk band are acoustic at heart but experimental in nature; they set out to avoid the well trodden path and instead define their own unique sound with creative harmonies, fingerstyle guitar arrangements, epic mandolin solos, and intricate yet impactful rhythms.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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26/10 2023 7:30pm
Royal Naval Assocation 388a Long Lane UXBRIDGE
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