The Brandon McPhee Show

Multi award winning Accordionist and Vocalist Brandon McPhee and his 5-piece band. The show is a variety of songs and tunes, some his favourites and others requested by people attending his shows....
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The Brandon McPhee Show is a mix of tunes and songs, some his favourites, others requested by people attending his shows. This show is a mix of Scottish, Irish, Country and Folk music. A few surprises as well. Also featuring vocals from Manson Grant part of the 5 piece band. Brandon has appeared in Ireland wih Daniel O'Donnell on TG4 'Opry Le Daniel', also shown in Scotland, has played for Prince Charles, now King Charles III, nine times to date including Buckingham Palace. Brandon has also written and recorded 4 songs one of which is on his latest CD "Mr Country" - "Let's Start Again"


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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