For ages 7+ / School Years 2 - 7 / Approx: 2 hours incl. interval / Written and adapted for the stage by Julian Clary / Directed by Lee Lyford /

Don’t miss this Christmas cracker of a show based on the much-loved books written by Julian Clary,

The Bolds are just like you and me. They’re clever. They live in Teddington. They love to laugh. One slight difference… They’re hyenas.

With live music, songs and adventures come join Spot, Sue, Betty and Bobby as they journey from the wilds of Africa to the London 'burbs in search of a cooler climate, orderly queues and supermarkets.

Join them as they navigate work, school and friends, all whilst trying to disguise themselves as humans. Pretty tricky when trying to hide your tail at all times so the whole family doesn’t get found out.

And then there’s Mr McNumpty, the seriously grumpy and nosy next-door neighbour, watching their every sniff, scratch and move. How long can they keep their beastly secret under their hats?

One thing is for sure, this Christmas The Bolds will have you all laughing like a bunch of hyenas.


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Saturday 20/11 2021 1:00pm
Unicorn Theatre 147 Tooley Street LONDON
The Bolds