The Backbone Blues Band


Over the last few years you would have caught them playing at many festivals up and down the UK and racking up an impressive roster of support slots along the way and have recently sold out the Tuesday Blues at the 100 Club London.

2023 finished with an the band once again playing on the main stage at the legendary King Biscuit Blues festival and Ground Zero Blues Club as part of another Delta US tour in October. A new album Old New Borrowed Bluesgot to number 5 in the Blues playlist chart

Backbone are a band that have clearly worked hard at what they do. With a tight rhythm section, creative guitars and keys, they deliver a sound that grooves when it swings and punches well above its weight when it rocks. However all the hard work is paying off says John Mitchell from Blues in Britain Definitely one to put on my must see again list


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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19/07 2024 8:00pm
The Butler Pub 85--91 Chatham Street READING
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