The Accrington Pals


The Accrington Pals

'The Accrington Pals' is a moving and hard-hitting play set in Accrington during the first few years of the First World War.

'The Accrington Pals' follows the story of the innocent and enthusiastic men who volunteered their services to their country after Kitchener's calls for a New Army. Their experiences of life on the Western Front are contrasted with the women who are left behind in Accrington, women who come together as friends when facing financial, social and sexual deprivation, as well as being thrown into the social changes that came along with the absence of many men. The main characters, too, are contrasted; May, as independent, hard-working, fruit and veg stall holder, Tom, her lodger, as optimistic and idealistic and Eva, May's trusted and generous confidante and sweetheart of Ralph. The play has fun and light-hearted moments, which are starkly contrasted with the terrifying reality hundreds of men faced at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.


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12/11 2024 7:30pm
Titchfield Festival Theatre 73 St Margarets Lane FAREHAM
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