THANK U, NEXT Created by 21Common Directed by Lucy Gaizely and Gary Gardiner A National Theatre of Scotland production in association with OnFife and Lochgelly High School Tagline: a costume drama, with cosplay instead of corsets… Young people are flexing just now when it comes to their identities. It’s hard to survive in a world where most must assimilate and conform; going to school, observing mundane and meaningless tasks, banking all that they need for a glittering future. But some young people are escaping. Some are regularly changing, transforming themselves into villains, heroes, and protagonists, living more than the life you think you see. 21Common are working with teenagers across Scotland to create a new piece of theatre exploring the cultures of cosplay, shapeshifting, memification and virtual realities. To better understand the world of identity and the liberty to transform who you might be into something amazing. Thank U, Next asks what is it like growing up in a world where you can quite literally be anything you want to be? And what happens when you must face your true self in the mirror? Corporate Sponsor: Savendie Supported by William Grant Foundation, Binks Trust and The McGlashan Trust Run time: 60 minutes Warning: Contains some strong language #THANKUNEXTSCOTLAND


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27/03 2025 7:00pm
Lochgelly High School Station Road LOCHGELLY
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