Talk By Kill The Cat


Have you ever sat opposite someone on a bus quietly, both on your phones, and not say a word? Perhaps you glance up for a second and smile at each other. What would happen if one of you said ‘Hello’? Let the experiments begin! TALK will take you on an immersive adventure unlike any other. Fun, thought provoking, and full of surprises; join our crack team of scientists through six HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC experiments as we attempt to decipher the key to connection and what it means to be human. Part interactive performance, part social experiment. Dive through some lasers, share a pot of tea, paint a masterpiece and slay a dragon. All the usual science stuff. (Full disclosure, for legal reasons, this is in no way scientific but it will get us all talking again… probably). Created by award winning interactive theatre company Kill The Cat.


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08/10 2022 1:00pm
Warwick Arts Centre University of Warwick COVENTRY
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