Tales for an Unruly Audience


In ancient times people would gather on nights very much like this one, in a place not so dissimilar to this. They would come together, perhaps even get a little rowdy... and tell stories.

Lung and a Half Full Theatre are proud to present Tales for an Unruly Audience, a spectacular evening of myth, mirth, and magic, with a selection of ancient tales performed for your viewing pleasure by the Lord of Unreason himself: George Attwill.

Tales for an Unruly Audience is a responsive storytelling experience inspired by bardic tradition. No two shows are the same, with you, the audience, as the curators of your own destiny- perfect for those who want permission to misbehave. Mixing audience participation with carnival-esque revelry, you are invited to join us for stories of gods and goddesses; great giants; precious treasures; and forbidden knowledge.

With tales of witches & wizards, wise men & fools. Come spend an hour with the Abbot of Misrule...

(Be warned! This show contains many moments of voluntary audience participation. Feel free to take part however you see fit, OR simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.)


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Youth, Adult, Kids, Elderly
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19/06 2024 7:15pm
The Woodfield Pavilion Tooting Bec Common 16a Abbotswood Road STREATHAM
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