In keeping with our original inspiration for the night, we are pleased to announce, a man that as well as being really good friend to us is also a bonafide legend in the game and a proper lovely human. We're chuffed that he's able to join us for our 3rd excursion. Welcome none other than Mr. Colin Dale, not only an inspiration to us from the early Kiss FM pirate days, through to his groundbreaking Techno shows when the station went legal but more importantly a class selector that has remained ahead of the game at all times, always pushing forward with pure love for the advancement of our music. Join us for what will be a proper night of upfront electronic dance music in the company of the most up for it crowd on the south coast at this time. We hope to see you there x


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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18/02 2023 11:00pm
Waterbear venue The Kings Road Arches 169--170 BRIGHTON
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