Symphonix Rock Orchestra


Get ready for Scotland’s hottest new orchestra!

Symphonix was born from the imagination of founder, Musical Director and lead vocalist Neil Thompson, whose vision brings together world class musicians to perform the perfect blend of symphony and rock – a musical match made in heaven.

From stunning violinists head-banging to Led Zeppelin, to a phenomenal brass section rockin’ out to Rage Against the Machine, the combined passion and energy from the Strings, Brass, Rock Band, Vocalists and Choreographed Choir will have your spirits soaring.

Prepare to be blown away by hits from Metallica, AC/DC, Coldplay, Toto, Prince, Queen, Aerosmith, Nirvana and Muse – all as you’ve never heard them before.

Symphonix is the epic and exciting, new Orchestral Rock Show you won’t want to miss!


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Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly
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05/10 2024 7:15pm
Church of the Holy Rude St John Street STIRLING
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