Sunfruits are a psychedelic pop band from Melbourne. Founded by Winter McQuin, their members include Evie Vlah, Imogen Cygler, Elena Jones and Gene Argiro. Sunfruits live shows revive the '60s psychedelic sounds and visuals with their very own modern 70s rock spin, blending their own twist of modern psychedelia and harmonious pop.

Sunfruits have been making waves around Melbourne and the Australian music scene for the past 3 years with their environmentally conscious and politically aware lyricism, paired with their contemporary psychedelic pop sound. On 2021 release, Certified Remixes saw the band collaborate with Traffik Island, Hachiku and Candy on three remixes of previously released tracks Above The Clouds, Mushroom Kingdom and Whatever You Want. Releasing two 7s and an EP during their time working with Third Eye Stimuli Records and recently Flightless Records (Distro), these releases all received high praise from Triple J, Clash Magazine, Beat Magazine, Tone Deaf, New Commute and more.


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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28/05 2024 7:30pm
Yes 38 Charles Street MANCHESTER
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