British girl group consisting of Siobhan Donaghy, Mutya Buena, and Keisha Buchanan.


British girl group responsible for many of the most successful pop hits of the 00s

The Sugababes truly went on a unique journey as a group, with the entire original line-up being replaced one by one, only to reform over a decade later and release new music. Their impact on pop – and especially female-fronted pop acts – has been recognised time and time again, and they are among a select group of British acts that have had all their albums reach the top 15.

The original line-up didn’t reunite until 2012, when they re-entered the recording studio to work on new music. Single ‘Flatline’ came in 2013, released under the name Mutya Keisha Siobhan as the ‘Sugababes’ name was still in use. The group did eventually reclaim the name in 2015 and re-released ‘Flatline’ as the Sugababes in 2022. They embarked on The Sacred Three tour in 2016, playing a string of dates around the UK. In 2021, the group released a 20th-anniversary edition of One Touch.


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