Strongwomen Science


StrongWomen Science is a circus science show for children and families starring two women scientists turned circus performers. Aoife Raleigh is an engineer, Maria Corcoran an environmental scientist.

Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if you can juggle liquid, or how circus performers eat fire?

StrongWomen Aoife and Maria reveal the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. In a fun, lively and fast-paced family circus performance, find out how jugglers, acrobats and hula hoop artists use science to create their amazing acts.

StrongWomen Science doesn’t only illustrate scientific facts. It seeks to promote enquiry, inventiveness and accessibility in science, making it open to all, in particular young women and girls. In addition to demonstrating scientific principles in fun and accessible ways, it looks at the worth of failure and the power of teamwork, both shared by science and circus.


Thursday 16th February 2023 at 1:30pm There is another show at 4pm if you would like to book for that you can find it here []. Age recommendation 4-15. Family friendly event. Show runtime is approximately 40 minutes You can book on to the additional workshop after the show. The workshop is approximately 20 minutes. There are limited tickets so book early!

Ticket Prices:

Child (Show ONLY) £8 Child (Show + Workshop) £10 Adults £10


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16/02 2023 4:00pm
The Exchange 75 London Road TWICKENHAM
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