Stones in His Pockets

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Venture across the Irish Sea to County Kerry. Local lads Jake and Charlie are working as extras on a Hollywood epic movie that has taken over their small village in rural Ireland. Switching from plucky Irish extra to know-it-all American movie star with a flick of the wrist, Jake and Charlie take on all fifteen characters to tell the story of the impact this movie has on their local community. The result is a sad, hilarious and irresistible play that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. Inspired by the cinematic stylings of Wes Anderson, Eastern Angles are also adding newly composed music and video projection to the multi-award winning play. A hit in Dublin, Edinburgh and London’s West End, Stones In His Pockets is a chance for audiences to laugh, cry and revel in the power of theatricality. “Marie Jones pulls off an ingenious theatrical trick that has political kick” Time Out Age Guidance 14+ Marie Jones, Writer Jake Smith, Director


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