Stitch and Weave Textile Exhibition


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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18/05 2024 kl 11:00
National Trust: Llanerchaeron Ciliau Aeron ABERAERON
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Woven and embroidered textiles from the 17th-19th centuries are handpicked from the Pamela Ward Collection. The exhibition includes a fragment from a 300-year-old tapestry 'Diogenes discarding his cup', from a series called 'The Life of Diogenes'. The tapestry is thought to originate from London's famous Mortlake Tapestry Works during the Renaissance period.

Other highlights in the exhibition include a child’s 18th century silk bodice, and richly coloured Victorian crewel embroidery. Pamela Ward (1908–94) was an avid collector of antiques who liked to experiment with needlework and embroidery. Some of her personal items are also on display, including carefully preserved newspaper patterns from the 1940s.

'Stitch and Weave' is open until November.