Stirling Regency Ball Extravaganza


Scotland's first totally interactive, completely immersive regency ball and it's in Stirling!

The 2nd Annual Regency Ball Extravaganza!

The Stirling Regency Ball Extravaganza is the social event of the season. A weekend of total frivolity and interactive entertainment! The society papers are exploding with news of this event! It’s not Lady Whistledown but Lady Newsworthy who has the wicked pen this year. She is trembling with excitement about what is happening in the Shire, Stirlingshire that is! The weekend will see Stirling's Cowane Trust and Church of the Holy Rude transformed into Regency era Scotland when Queen Cynthia will host a glamorous and immersive Regency Ball extravaganza!

You will find yourself completely swept away in the alluring world of Bridgertonesque Stirling. The romance, intrigue, sex and scandal that makes social life in the Shire shocking! It is a weekend you will not want to miss! You might even see a familiar face or two.

Also filming for presentation to Prime, a new mini series, 'The Shire!'

So, don your best gown, bring your most exquisite fan and wear your most fabulous shoes.

Fair only tickets are available on the day of the event and can be purchased at the venue: £10


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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Available tickets

30/06 2024 6:00pm
Cowane's Hospital Bowling Green 49 St John Street STIRLING
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