Stirling 900: A Snapshot


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult


Group Exhibition by GOSSIP Collective

Stirling 900: A Snapshot celebrates the 900th anniversary of the Royal Burgh of Stirling through the art of continuing GOSSIP members. The pieces mark the history, heritage and culture of Stirling from the past to more recently. Stirling’s unique location is explored by looking at how its historic events, sites and people have shaped it. These reflections include what lies in the present and the impacts on the future as well. The city’s central location has added to its importance in a wider sense, but it is also a vital hub for the county of Stirlingshire, covering centuries of lives and happenings, all of which are conveyed via memories, forgotten gems and narratives formed across time.

Truths, facts, the built environment, landscape, nature, craft, political comment, feminism and folktales are all brought to light. There will be a variety of mediums on display from the artists, including painting, drawing, sketchbooks, words, screen print, found objects, collage, digital graphics, textiles, sculpture and audio.

Featured artists: David Barbara, Ken Elliott, Eloise Kerr, Lesley McDermott, Audrey McMenemy, Dawn Robison, Ann Shaw and Libby Yule.

Curated by Alice Martin.