Spirit of Sundaze Ensemble

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Secretsundaze is a party, label and DJ/producer duo that follows their hearts, not hype, and this has never been more true than in the latest stage of its evolution. The Spirit of Sundaze Ensemble is a recording and live performing project embracing a myriad of influences from Balearic to synth-pop to Brit-funk. By inviting leading contemporary musicians to reimagine, record and perform a selection of tracks which have been foundational across Secretsundaze’s 20-year history, the project sits at the intersection of live musicianship and electronic music innovation. Core members of the ensemble include Lewis Moody, Myele Manzanza, Oli Savill and Johnny Brierley, as well as Secretsundaze’s James Priestley. Featured artists have so far included the likes of Hinako Omori, Qendresa, Yahael (Balimaya Project) and Wayne Snow. The tracks selected have all played a seminal part in Secretsundaze’s history, either as the party’s most iconic tunes, or as dancefloor-defining sounds for founders James Priestley and Giles Smith. This bold and adventurous project is the first time the celebrated organisation has entered the live world and is set to unite passionate dance music lovers with those who appreciate the finer side of live music, all with an underlying narrative that celebrates one of the UK’s most important clubbing institutions.


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