The Soul Traders story was begun by Den Hegarty in 1999 when he put a band together specifically to play at the grand opening of his local village hall.

Twenty-five years and many reincarnations later the twelve-piece band continues to work and thrive under the mentoring and leadership of Den Hegarty.

Celebrating upbeat Soul and Funk classics from the sixties and seventies, the band’s close four-part harmonies, fearless brass and ruthless back line make for a dance night to challenge your very best boots.

The thing that binds the Soul Traders together is our mutual love of music. We have a very diverse repertoire, showcasing the breadth of diversity within our ranks. At the core of our catalogue, some of the finest northern soul there is to be had (as hinted at in the name). Thrown in alongside, a touch of funk and just a tad of good ol' fashioned bebop, blues and rock 'n' roll.

You can expect a mixture of superbly executed piano riffs, a heaped helping of pumping bass licks, ear tinglingly grooving percussion, some smooth strumming of the ol' six string and some of the finest trumpet blowing and driving saxophones there is to be had. Weave into this supreme musical mix a cornucopia of the most supremely talented singers there is to be seen for miles around, tying a grand virtuosic bow around the package that is The Soul Traders.

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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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13/07 2024 8:00pm
Tiverton Community Arts Theatre Bolham Road TIVERTON
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