Sooz Kempner: Class of 2000


The award-winning, viral sensation is hitting the road with a brand-new tour bringing together her sell out fringe 2023 hit and its much anticipated 2024 follow up. As the year 2000 approached Sooz was about to turn 15 and the PlayStation 2 was about to was a new beginning for the world. But with the Millennium Bug was the world also about to end!? Now, almost a quarter of a century later, things feel eerily similar Sooz is looking at class through the lens of doing her GCSEs in 2000 at a state compwhile knowing all about dressage. Politics, horses, EastEnders and the Millennium Bug. A show for anyone who remembers the year 2000 or had big dreams as a kid.

Sooz is an award-winning comedy performer, singer, writer, and actor who has written and performed eight solo stand-up hours at the Edinburgh Fringe. She is a regular collaborator with Richard Thomas (Jerry Springer the Opera, Made in Dagenham) and hosts two podcasts, Mystery on the Rocks and QueenPod, the official podcast for the band Queen. In Spring 2023 it was announced that Sooz has been cast as Doom in a major new multi- platform Doctor Who spin-off series. Additionally, she will be playing a lead guest role in an upcoming US sitcom for Amazon Prime and CBS.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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31/07 2024 4:40pm
Underbelly Bristo Square Bristo Square & Med Quad EDINBURGH
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