Sonido Spanish Folk Group


To buy tickets - Click "Book Now" and follow the instructions. For event start/finish times - Click the "Event Title" below For theatre location and map - Click "The Heron Theatre" below Sonido perform contemporary and traditional Spanish songs playing at bars, restaurants, parties, festivals and weddings and formerly at the Lancaster Music Festival. Their repertoire includes Manu Chao, Gypsy Kings, flamenco-pop and traditional songs.

Bea Perez _was born in Galicia, Spain, but has been in the UK for many years. She trained in Classical Guitar, though she now concentrates on the Spanish songs that she remembers from her youth and founded Sonido in Lancaster, where she is a psychotherapist, in 2016. _Martin Friesl has played acoustic and electric guitar in a variety of bands, both in the UK and Germany, where he is a Professor at the University of Bamburg, as well as teaching at the Norwegian School of Economics. Iain Hunter was raised in Scotland but has lived in Lancaster for many years. When not involved with Sonido, he drums with a wide selection of bands, covering many different styles of music and teaches and facilitates rhythmic development within schools, corporate team-building events, and in the community.



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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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26/11 2022 7:30pm
The Heron Theatre Stanley Street MILNTHORPE
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