'Somehow, Somebody, Somewhere' Exhibition - Frim Folk Art Group


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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09/08 2024 10:00am
National Trust: Gunby Hall Estate: Monksthorpe Chapel SPILSBY PE23 5PP
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The Frim Folk art group are a small art collective made up of artists, ceramicists and printmakers. They are from all over the UK and moved to Lincolnshire, where they met because of their love of art. Each artist has a unique style, influenced by different life experiences and very different approaches.

This new exhibition is titled ‘Somehow, somebody, somewhere’.

Life’s key questions are; How? Who? Where? They're exhibition celebrates their journey, the people and events that have influenced them, changing their road maps to lead them to their destinations so far. Ordinary lives full of extraordinary events and ordinary, extraordinary people who somehow, found somebody, somewhere they want to be.

Their work will not provide the answers to life’s big questions, instead they hope that they can add a little joy, a little treasure and new discoveries which other ordinary, extraordinary people can hold, see and enjoy every ordinary, extraordinary day