What would you do if one year Winter decided he didn’t want to go back to the North Pole but wanted to stay in your house instead?

When Mr Green comes back from his summer holidays he finds that Mr White has moved into his house and fallen asleep! Mr White says he is there to work and starts to cover the whole house in snow. All Mr White wants to do is sleep or have fun but Mr Green can’t stand the snow, especially not on his carpet! It should be snowing outside, not inside. Who gets to stay, and who has to go away? We need the help of the audience to decide!

In this show you get to play with Mr White and Mr Green and lots and lots of snow. Make a giant snowman, have a super snowball fight and help us to bring back the Spring in this highly interactive production.


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21/12 2024 2:30pm
Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre Barbados House Station Road BORDON
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