Slim Chance + The Ugly Guys


Tickets are just £20 in advance 0r £25 on the door We are thrilled to welcome back Slim Chance and The Ugly Guys both to play again. Slim Chance with their great album The Phoenix Tapes which you should get. They are Ronnie Lane's old band with Charlie Hart, Steve Bingham, Steve Simpson, Brendan O'Neill, Billy Nicholls and Geraint Watkins. Ronnie was of course the bass player and main writer for the Small Faces and Faces and then formed Slim Chance and most of these guys were in his band. They also have a track on the album that Pete Townsend of the Who plays on as he was one of Ronnie's best mates. The Ugly Guys of course are Paul and Vic from the Kursaal Flyers, Bob from Micky Jupp, Nevil from The Pinkies and Steve from Jerry The Ferret. Which makes them a stunning band as well.


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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27/09 2024 7:00pm
Chelmsford Social Club 55 Springfield Road CHELMSFORD
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