Wake Up! Arbroath’s first ever Summer Pantomime comes to The Webster Theatre in 2024! Once upon a time, in a land far away a beautiful Princess had a curse bespoke upon her by the evil Carabosse that on her 21st Birthday she should prick her finger on a spinning wheel. With a helping hand from our magical Fairy, Princess Beauty merely falls into a deep sleep for 100 years that can only be broken by true loves kiss. Will our handsome Prince manage to defeat the dragon and rescue our princess with a helping hand from Chester the Jester and Queen Delilah.. you’ll have to join us Pantoland this Summer to find out! With bold and bright scenery, sparkling costumes and lots of laughs for all the family, Sleeping Beauty promises to be the perfect enchanting day out for all!


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Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly
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15/07 2024 6:00pm
The Webster Memorial Theatre 64 High Street ARBROATH
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