Music by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky, featuring a live Orchestra with over 30 musicians. Every child's favorite fairy-tale, Sleeping Beauty is the classic story of love and innocence, mystery, and magic set to Tchaikovsky's sublime score. Traditionally, the Russian State Ballet and Opera House returns for their annual UK tour with a vibrant and enchanting full touring ballet production. This year they are bringing to you the Mariisky State Ballet Theatre from central Russia. Stunning choreography, sumptuous costumes, and wonderful sets form the fantasy world in which the Lilac Fairy struggles against the evil Carabosse. Outline based on the fairy-tale by Charles Perrault, the Sleeping Beauty tells of Princess Aurora, cursed at her christening by the evil Carabosse to prick her finger one day on a spindle and die. Thanks to the timely intervention of the Lilac Fairy, she doesn't die, but sleeps for a hundred years. Woken by a prince, who has battled through the Enchanted Forest to reach her, they marry at a ceremony attended by nursery rhyme characters like Puss in Boots and all the other forest creatures. There are no scores more successful in supporting the full range of ballet than those by Tchaikovsky. Highlights include the Famous 'Rose Adagio' when Princess Aurora is introduced to four princes. This ravishing production of Sleeping Beauty is certain to leave you refreshed, relaxed, and alert. It shimmers like an exquisite dream. The Sleeping Beauty is also a ballet that all can enjoy, even the very young.


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20/11 2022 2:30pm
Grand Theatre 33 Church Street BLACKPOOL
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