Sisters Of Mersey


Sister Petra and Sister Brenda have grown up in St Elmo’s Convent in Dingle as identical twins but Monsignor Michael has some shocking news for them. They are not twins at all! If you look closely you can tell because they look completely different.

The Sisters decide to change the habit of a lifetime and escape from the convent to discover what happened to their real families. When they get out into 1980s Liverpool they find themselves locked into a battle with a wicked gangster, trapped in an improbable heist and trying to pinch a nudey statue to fill a gaping hole in the Monsignor’s apse.

Writer Jonathan Harvey (A Thong For Europe) is back with another riotous comedy featuring some classic 1980s bangers. It’s got everything that you need for a great show: a set of twins, loads of great music, another set of twins, some nuns, another set of twins, a madcap heist, another set of twins (possibly. I’ve lost count)...

So squeeze into your best wimple and get down to the Court for a brand new comedy that is second to nun!

Writen by Jonathan Harvey Directed by Stephen Fletcher Designed by Mark Walters Musical Director George Francis Confirmed cast: Emma Bispham, Lindzi Germain


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23/07 2024 kl 20:00
Royal Court Liverpool 1 Roe Street LIVERPOOL
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