Recommended for ages 8-12

Fatima and Salima are the closest, coolest, hijabi step-sisters in all of Bradford and they will win the Tiny is Mighty skateboarding competition, there is no doubt about it.

They’ve practised every trick in the book, and look (almost) as good as Sky Brown on the telly, just check out their YouTube Channel if you’re not convinced. Nothing will stop them. Except their parents have started whispering in the kitchen about living apart… about moving to different cities… only seeing each other in school holidays. How will they perfect their routine and win gold if their whole lives are about to turn 360 too? Only the greatest super plan ever concocted will help them achieve their dreams.

Inspired by real-life skateboarding sisters Layna, Maysa and Amaya, and their hero Olympic Medallist Sky Brown.

A brand-new production written by Asif Khan.

Approximately 1 hour

Access performances: BSL Interpreted: Wednesday 9 April 2.30pm Audio described: Thursday 10 April 2.30pm Relaxed: Thursday 17 April 2.30pm


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05/04 2025 11:30am
Polka Theatre 240 The Broadway LONDON
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