After nearly a decade, Ash JD Baker former Angus in "Livewire the AC/DC show" makes his long awaited return to the School uniform. Joining him, former band mate and incredible vocalist Gary John Jenkins will be reprising his role of Bon Scott, Recreating the sound and stage presence of AC/DC in the late 70's. After their stupendous show at the Shire Hall last year Ash informed us that it had been their first ever stand alone gig, you wouldn't have thought it, imagine how good they are now a year on! Alongside them enters Dave Parker on bass who has held down the thundering low end in AC/DC bands for the last decade. Citing both Cliff and Mark as major influences, he meticulously perfected their tone, musical approach, playing style and attack. Matthew Nixon on rhythm guitar bringing a young Malcolm back to life with a accurate take on his signature tone and playing style. Joining them is Drummer Al Cormell mastering the swing and groove of Phil Rudd and providing a huge wall of sound for the perfect backdrop! From High Voltage to Highway to hell, SIN CITY will take you on a journey through the years of AC/DC with Bon Scott...


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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06/09 2024 7:30pm
Howden Shire Hall 11 Market Place HOWDEN
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