Shipcote With Aurora Strings & Special Guest Bridie Jackson


Aurora Strings are the most experienced, in demand professional string quartet in the North East of England, consisting of four highly trained and dedicated musicians.

Shipcote & Friends have been around a decade, or two playing their very own lilting geordie creole/country swing music.

They have both come together to record a full album of songs, that will be launched at the show. An earlier one-off performance for their EP was such a success that they have expended it to an album & this GCT show.

Bridie Jackson is special guest & will also open the show with Brick (Bridie & Nick Pierce) The gig was one of the best Ive been to in years Alan Harrison (Rockin Magpie) I dont think Ive enjoyed a gig as much in years Chet (music aficionado )


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14/11 2024 7:30pm
Gosforth Civic Theatre Regent Farm Road NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE
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