Sharp Class 2024 UK Tour - Cambridge


Sharp Class returns to Sheffield on their 2024 UK Tour which will celebrate the release of their second album.

Sharp Class 2024 UK Tour If you’re a fan of Sharp Class, you’re in for a treat! The band is going on tour in 2024 to celebrate the release of their upcoming second album. It will be an exciting time for fans as they will see the band perform their latest tracks live. The tour will make its way through major cities across the country, including Cambridge, Newcastle, Edinburgh, London and more. Fans can expect an electrifying show with explosive performances, stunning visuals, and a setlist packed with hits from their first and second albums.

This is a general admission ticket for Sharp Class LIVE at The Portland Arms on 8/11/24


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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08/11 2024 8:00pm
Portland Arms 129 Chesterton Road CAMBRIDGE
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