Seventy-Five Revolutions with Terri Hooley and Stuart Bailie


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30/05 2024 7:30pm
Seamus Heaney HomePlace 45 Main Street BELLAGHY
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Terri Hooley, founder of Good Vibrations Records, poet, blarney merchant and alternative treasure, recently celebrated his 75th birthday. To mark this milestone event, his journalist friend Stuart Bailie published a book, Terri Hooley: Seventy-Five Revolutions.

In this HomePlace special, Terri will make the connections between music and literature in Belfast bohemia. It's a trail that involves Beat literature, the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, Bob Dylan, the Mersey Sound poets plus barroom encounters with the likes of Padraic Fiacc. Stuart Bailie, former Assistant Editor of the NME and author of Trouble Songs, will attempt to keep order. He will also talk about the interface between lyrics and literature. Expect laughter, insights, digressions and intimate moments with a figure that has imprinted on Sixties counterculture, punk rock, ‘Teenage Kicks’, a film, a stage musical and more. Copies of Terri Hooley: Seventy-Five Revolutions will be available for purchase and signing at the event