Sessions and Sail 2023 - Orkney


Join us aboard the tallship Lady of Avenel Sailing as we sail through the islands of Orkney on a musical voyage of discovery.

Led by Shetland fiddler and tall ship captain Barry Nisbet, we will sail from Stromness to islands steeped in neolithic and viking history - Westray, Stronsay, Egilsay, Shapinsay.

We will be joined by top Orkney traditional musicians who will lead us in workshops and masterclasses, and in sessions alongside the communities in the islands we visit.

Feel the breeze in the sails and be inspired to take your own music to a new level. Visit our website or email to sign up!


Enjoy code: 837337
Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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22/05 2023 12:00pm
Stromness Harbour STROMNESS KW16 3JJ
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