Selkirk High School Exhibition: S3


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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19/06 2024 10:00am
Burnside Gallery 48 Market Place SELKIRK
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In June 2024 Burnside gallery, Selkirk hosts the art work of thirteen and fourteen year old Selkirk High School students.

We remember being that age; and we think that being exhibited in an art gallery might encourage them to think of art as a part of their lives.

The teachers say: This exhibition is a showcase of the artistic success of Selkirk High school pupils' work. Students have selected an artwork which they think is their most successful piece from the range of art and design work they have created over the past year. There is a variety of work on display including landscape, built environment, animal portraiture, still life as well as logo design. This collection of work shows the diverse skills and interests of our young people.