Leilani Mahachi has made it her life’s work to protect the planet.

Always unafraid to call out injustice, now her life hangs in the balance, targeted by the very factions she spoke out so bravely against. As she fights for her life in a UK hospital far from her homestead in Zimbabwe, her cause is taken up by her grand-daughter Zahra, desperate to find out what happened to her beloved Gogo.

Join three unlikely friends as they travel from the food bank to Parliament Square to lead the fight against the greed and profiteering of the ‘Toxic Cartel’ – the powerful corporate food companies who ‘own’ the seeds, control production and swallow up everything they touch – threatening the most basic of our human rights: the right to food. Can they succeed against this all-consuming machine, and protect Leilani’s legacy?

Age Guidance: 13+

Co-Produced by the Cultural Programme


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05/10 2024 6:00pm
The North Wall Arts Centre South Parade Summertown OXFORD
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