Scullion in Concert


‘Scullion have always been very adventurous in pushing musical boundaries and continue to this day to create fresh, unique and original music that defies categorization’Martin Hayes_ _

Formed in the mid-1970s, Scullion are revered as one of Ireland’s most innovative, original and brilliant live bands. Their recent album, _Time Has Made a Change in Me _emphasises the band's musical curiosity and like all of their records, breaks new ground.

Scullion has always been a coming together of different musical strands and traditions. The mainstay of the band was and is Sonny Condell.Sonny writes music and songs that are powerful, poetic and soulful. He is one of Irelands most enduring creative artists and along with guitarist Robbie Overson and vocalist Philip King, creates the signature sound of Scullion.

Of the band right now, Sonny has noted, ‘The band never stopped, we just have some periods of intense rest! Philip is a successful film maker and broadcaster and produces Other Voices and I have my own band and recording career, and Robbie plays music the world over, so we just come together when the time is right.’ And right now is the right time for Scullion who are back on the road with some sublime new songs.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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15/04 2023 7:30pm
Seamus Heaney HomePlace 45 Main Street BELLAGHY
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