Scottish Ensemble: Impulse - Music in Motion

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Anticipation. Ecstasy. Passion. Cataclysm. The poles of human emotion captured in music and dance.

After many years of collaboration, including our flagship production Goldberg Variations: ternary patterns for insomnia, which saw its 50th performance in 2023, Scottish Ensemble are returning to stages across Scotland with choreographer Örjan Andersson. In a ground-breaking new take on the classical concert, Impulse: Music in Motion presents two iconic works of string repertoire in a unique, personal, and deeply human performance.

Playing from memory, Scottish Ensemble’s musicians are set free to move as they play. In a combination of improvised and choregraphed movements, this performance will present a striking visual representation of the music’s patterns, intricacies and emotion. From the wild freedom of Tchaikovsky to the mechanical drive of Shostakovich, a gripping kinetic energy will take hold.

Impulse: Music in Motion is a preview tour – catch the first outing of what is set to become a major new show.


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Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth