Scott Clay Live In Concert

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Scott Clay is an Americana singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, USA, and he's embarking on his first-ever European tour in 2024 - including an intimate show here at the Rising Sun Arts Centre. We're very excited to host him and give the people of Reading a chance to hear his music.

Scott Clay showcases important relationships, stunning displays of natural beauty, and even famous historical events on Let It All Lay Bare, his fifth full-length album, due out Sept. 23. The seasoned performer offers listeners two distinct experiences: The Nashville-based artist will make you feel good, but he will also make you feel.

With the help of producer and engineer Mike Davis (Modest Mouse, The Head and the Heart) and a cadre of top-flight musicians, he delivers upbeat, easygoing songs as well as more emotion-provoking, mellow reflections.

When he's not making music, Clay enjoys traveling and exploring the natural beauty of the world around him, so, fittingly, he filmed videos for several of his new songs in national parks in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Utah, and Washington.

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