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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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Saturday Town is a photography series by the award-winning photographer Casey Orr. Since 2013 Casey has travelled throughout the UK with her pop-up portrait studio photographing young people on Saturday afternoons. The project explores fashion, identity and the self-expression of young people on Saturday afternoons on the high streets and public spaces of towns across the country.

This is the largest show of Saturday Town and Casey Orr’s first retrospective show.

Saturday Town acts as a mosaic of youth subculture, fashion-dialects and self expression in the north of England over the last 11 years. Through a tumultuous period which has seen a global pandemic, the dissolution of the gender binary and the death of the highstreet, Casey Orr holds up a sign which reads ‘These young people are important!’

Open Eye Gallery are thrilled to host Casey Orr’s first retrospective and platform the unique fashion and visual language of the north, highlighting young people’s identities and style as culturally significant. We are delighted to facilitate conversations around belonging, identity, community and self representation through this work.

Fashion and bodily self-expression are important and powerful tools to state who we are beyond consumerism and capitalism; beyond selfies and social media platforms.

We invite you to the exhibition where every day is Saturday.