Sardines & Personal Best

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Alphabetti Presents a double header of short plays from some of the North East's most exciting new playwrights, Emily Ash & Jude Nelson, scored by award-winning folk artist, Ruth Lyon.

Sardines by Emily Ash

What’s the worst way you’ve ever been fired?

Molly is an emotionally complex character whose mind is always running at 100mph. She doesn’t understand the world. Her personal life is a mess, but she’s trying her best to figure things out. When Molly’s world is thrown one night, she goes undercover and tries to teach her manager a moral lesson. However, when being revengeful doesn’t fix all her problems, she digs deeper to find out the root of why she reacted in the way she did, why she reverted to acting like a child. Join her in a psychological assessment as she works through her experience and tries to grow from it.

For those who find themselves ringing their Mum anytime there’s a slight crisis, anyone who has come to the realisation that adulthood isn’t always the cool, fairy tale you thought as a child.

Personal Best by Jude Nelson

It’s 6.30am. I’m up and ready. Everything’s brushed. Actively choosing to exercise at 6.30am wasn’t how George imagined her future, but she is on a mission to be strong and sexy (and if she happened to find a boyfriend too, it would simply be a bonus). Personal Best is a story about the search for love, self-acceptance and leggings that aren’t see through.


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