Sapphire McIntosh: Why Always Me (A Work in Progress)


Sapphire McIntosh joins us for one night in Manchester for a work in progress show. Raised in Leeds, she spent four years in Manchester at University, mostly drunk. She has been performing stand up, around the UK for two and a half years and cannot wait to head back up North to share her stories in beautiful Manchester. Expect home truths with humour on all things based around society and how she experiences life. Sapphire has warmed up for James Acaser, Dylan Moran, Richard Blackwood and Frankie Boyle. Through her journalism work she has appeared on Channel 4 and through her love of football she has appeared on BBC1. Sapphire also has been creating vox pops on her youtube channel for over a decade where she asks thought provoking questions to the public and uses an improv style of journalism to dig deeper and produce humour. The event will also feature a warm-up set from Molly McGuiness!


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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24/05 2024 7:30pm
Feel Good Club 26-28 Hilton Street MANCHESTER
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