Sands 24: Maestra

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Five remarkable conductors from across the globe prepare for and compete in La Maestra – the world’s only competition for female conductors.

Maggie Contreras’ debut feature documentary delves into the lives of these women through intimate footage capturing their everyday moments – from studying and rehearsing with families by their side to navigating the pressures of the competition. Their camaraderie, determination and artistic prowess shine amidst the challenges they face in what is still a male-dominated industry.

When the camera turns to capture the conductors competing on-stage at the nail biting finals in Paris, revel in the diverse styles of exquisite music they bring to life. Maestra is a celebration of talent, artistic passion and resilience. Lydia Tar has nothing on these real-life maestras.

Dir: Maggie Contreras | 2023 | USA/Poland/France | N/C 12A | 1h 28m

Shown in English

Join the producers Melanie Miller and Emma West for a Q&A after the screening (live captioned).


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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