Sam Gellaitry with Two Very Special Guests TBA


Hailing from the remote landscapes of Stirling in the Scottish highlands, Sam's journey into our DJ booth is as unique as it gets. Influenced by a diverse range of sounds, from his brothers happy hardcore collection to the golden age of pop artists like Tame Impala, Daft Punk and Gorillaz, Sam's musical path was set early on. Supported by his bagpipe-making father and gifted with synesthesia, Sam's compositions take on an extra dimension, with Sams colours translating into vivid, emotional depth. At just 16, Sam jumped headfirst into music full time, releasing tracks on SoundCloud that quickly landed him with XL Recordings. Since then, he's developed a distinctive dance-pop sound, blending future beats, synthwave, and experimental trap in an original way earning global recognition in the process. An extensive network of collaborators including PinkPantheress, Don Toliver, Masego, as well as the Soulection crew, have turbo-charged his success. Join us at Phonox in June for an unforgettable journey through Sam's musical evolution. From his humble beginnings in Stirling to performing in massive arenas around the world, Sam's residency promises to be a fusion of the sounds and sensations that made him who he is. Stay tuned for the announcement of our line-up, which features an unbelievable display of talent drawn from Sams extensive network - the likes of which you will never see in a small club like ours again


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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21/06 2024 9:30pm
Phonox 416 Brixton Road LONDON
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