RSNO Season 2023-24 La mer

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Bonis Femmes de légende, Three Pieces for Orchestra

Chausson Poeme de l’amour et de la mer

Ravel Une barque sur l’océan

Debussy La mer

Thomas Søndergård Conductor

Catriona Morison Mezzo-soprano

Cleopatra, the fabled queen. Salomé, the temptress. Ophelia, Shakespeare’s gentle, lovelorn heroine. Tonight, the RSNO becomes each of them in turn, in a fantastical lost masterpiece by the 19th-century French composer Mel Bonis. And that’s just the start of it: Thomas Søndergård joins Scotland’s international award-winning mezzo Catriona Morison to unleash floodtides of passion in an all-French evening inspired by the sea. When Chausson, Ravel and Debussy gazed at the waves, they each saw a different kind of beauty: let them sweep you away tonight.

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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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