Royal Photographic Society Documentary Photography Awards


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly


The RPS Documentary Photography Award is an international event attracting exceptional documentary and visual storytellers from across the world.

In total, nine projects are exhibited, with a selection from the Member, Student, and Open categories. This format enables the RPS to show long-form documentary work from their members, the work of student photographers, as well as from more seasoned and experienced photographers in the open category. The selected projects are diverse, ranging from the impact of conflict and war, migration, reflections on history and memory, performance, ageing, mental health, and childhood. These photographs provide an insight into the range of what can be documentary and how it can be used to tell stories.

The RPS Documentary Photography Awards 2023 is touring across the United Kingdom, with the Stirling Smith being the only stop in Scotland. Join us this July to celebrate the winning selections of the Documentary Photography Awards.